Have you ever questioned your doctor, lawyer or local fitness instructor? How about yourself? Are you practicing Pilates? Yoga? Weight Lifting? Dance Fitness? You get my point (LOL). By definition, the word “practice” as a verb means the act of performing or exercising a skill repeatedly or regularly in order to improve or maintain one’s proficiency. Dedicating yourself to getting to your fitness goal takes practice. This holds true if you are practicing at home, a gym, studio or outdoors. You only get better by practicing. I want you to take this blog to heart when you are preparing for your better.

I have experienced this conundrum on both sides of the student and instructor spectrum. I only got better when I kept teaching. A mediocre class as a student with two left feet or some bad choreography as an instructor only got better when I went back to the proverbial drawing board when I analyzed what worked and what didn’t work so well. This, my friends, is the fine art of “TWEAKING!” Let me be clear, there were some moments when I thought I should give up or that I would never get better at “X” yet I did not stay in that mind space. I got my booty back out there and, well, I got better over time. I attribute those relatable moments as a student and a teacher as something I could genuinely share. As I say often, I may be awesome but I DIDN’T say that I had my sh*t together!

Good news, y’all; you’re not the only one. This practice thing has happened to the best of us! Here’s the best part: No Matter what your doing, it gets better. Here’s what I know (not an all -inclusive list):

You WILL get stronger

You WILL do more reps

You WILL strike that pose

You WILL get more flexible

You WILL learn that dance step



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