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About Mychele

My Story

GET2WERK FITNESS was established in 2011 out of a desire to provide fitness classes to under-served areas of South Los Angeles. I created the company once the fitness bug bit me and I made wellness a lifestyle choice. The GET2WERK FITNESS mission is to inspire healthy choices, build a sense of community and to be motivational.

Over the years fitness has been my passport to so many adventures. I have participated in local and national fitness events representing fitness formats and brands such as Under Armour, Reebok and Nike Women!

My certifications include: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE/AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, EQUINOX Pilates Training Academy Comprehensive Classical Pilates, TRX: STC, FTC, GTC, SMTC and AGTC (CORE/YELLOW RANK), NASM Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Specialist, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist. I am currently completing my Hatha Yoga Teacher Training so I can be of service in more ways for fitness and mind-body practices.

I believe in education, movement and motivation. I earned my Bachelor’s degree from UCLA and Master’s Degree from UC Irvine. I have a background in dance, anthropology, ethnography, choreography. I am a mother of two beautiful children who enrich my life and motivate me.

I am available for speaking engagements, fitness demonstrations and personal training and Pilates sessions. Thank you for visiting my page. If you have any questions please use the contact link. I look forward to WERKin’ with you!

To your health,

“The Fro”

Certifications & Affiliations

  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor (ACE/AFAA)
  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)


Mychele is so motivating and her classes are so much fun! She has this infectious energy that gives you that extra boost when you need it and makes time with her feel more like a party than a workout. She is always THE LIFE of the party and a session with her helps you forget a bad day and alleviate any stress you’re feeling. We started taking her Groov3 classes as a family a few years ago when our boys were still teenagers. It says a lot about Mychele that she was able to motivate our sons enough to spend time working out with their “old parents”. LOL! It’s been a great way for us to spend quality time together.  Even now that the boys are adults and away for college, they always rearrange their schedules to make time to take her classes with us when they’re home for breaks.

We all love her and would take her class daily if we could.  She’s beautiful inside and out and takes the time to develop personal connections with her students. We are so blessed not only to have her as an instructor but as part of our ‘ohana (family) as well.

Dio and Anne Brache

Dio and Anne Brache

Los Angeles County Office of Education Consultant / Administrator

Definition of Mychele Sims: Powerful; knowledgeable; Encouraging; inspiring; caring, concerned. The list is too long. But this is what and how Mychele has been to and with me from the day I first met her. Because of how she drives me, pushes me, but at the same time shows genuine concern for my fitness and health, it has benefitted so much! I’ve always felt that God caused our paths to cross, not just to be instrumental in my life as far as fitness and health, but a caring friend and sister as well. She is one of the biggest reasons why I will continue on this fitness journey.

Debra Johnson

Debra Johnson

Zumba/STRONG by Zumba Instructor

Back in 2013, I joined the UFC gym after being encouraged by my best friend to try a class. At the time, I was morbidly obese, depressed, and recently separated from my now ex-husband. Joining a gym was both frightening and overwhelming. Despite those feelings, I forced myself to work out regularly because I soon realized this was more like therapy than anything else. The pain I felt physically from exercise had been a distraction from the pain I was feeling internally. Although being consistent was no easy task, I persisted because it was necessary to protect my mental state. The first time I met Mychele I was in the sauna room following an intense workout. I’ll never forgot her smile and out of this world presence that immediately filled the room. She looked me straight in my eyes and said how great I was doing and that I was inspiring her. I couldn’t believe it. We had never spoken before, and here I was feeling like every day was a struggle just getting out of bed, let alone making it to the gym. She was a Coach, THE COACH, the one everyone adored and followed religiously to her packed classes. From that moment on, whenever I saw her, she would greet me with the warmest of smiles, most often accompanied by a sweaty hug. She may not know this but she made me feel like the gym was home, and she was my family. I no longer felt like a “fat person” trying to fit into an unfamiliar place, but instead, I belonged there and my attendance mattered. At my most venerable state, Mychele made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I mattered.

Kristen Price

Kristen Price

OneUnited Bank, Executive Assistant

Mychele is an amazing instructor! She provides a fun and safe workout environment. She’s knowledgeable in many areas of fitness, and like any teacher, she shares her knowledge with her students so that they feel comfortable, confident, and equipped for their fitness journey. Mychele has a caring heart.  She makes a point to connect with her students. There have been many occasions where she has checked in with me to see how I was doing on my fitness journey and with life in general, and I appreciate her for that. Also, her contagious energy always keeps me engaged in her classes. I always look forward to her classes because I know I am going to have an effective and fun workout that will have me feeling stronger, energized and closer to my fitness goals. Mychele is an inspirational and motivating instructor. She’s a gem, and I am so thankful for her!

Faith Tate

Faith Tate

Special Education Assistant

She so talented and fun!

I still remember my first and second classes with Mychele a few years ago. The first class I atended I loved her energy, positive attitude, professionalism, talent and how fun she was. The second time I was there,  I loved that she remembered my name. A small detail like that says a lot about how well she connects with her students. The fact that she’s a great instructor plus a great person inside and out immediately kept me returning to her class, not just at the gym where I first met her but all over this huge town. Any chance I get to this day I still try to make it to any class she might be giving. Sadly, I rarely get to visit her class and in part it’s her own fault. She inspired me to become an instructor. So now I have my own class in a gym and now I’m the one remembering my students’ names, making them feel welcomed, making sure they get a proper workout and that it’s fun. Exactly how I would see Mychele do it. Whenever I get compliments, I know why I get them. It’s because Mychele had a great deal to do with my success. It’s something she greatly helped to grow in me and in many others.

Oscar Salazar

Oscar Salazar

Downey YMCA, Zumba and Step Instructor

Get2Werk fitness is life changing. I have known Mychele for over 15 years; she is both a friend and a mentor. I have had both the privilege and opportunity to watch her grow this amazing company from its inception.

We met in college, UCLA, and from the first day I knew she was someone I wanted to associate myself with. She has the “it” factor, you can’t explain it but you instantaneously know this is someone who was put into your life for a purpose. Her work ethic and attention to detail is impeccable, especially in this age of mediocrity and short cuts. Every goal she has set has been accomplished with excellence and integrity! I do not say that figuratively, but literally. She continues to educate herself with both tenacity and vigor not to be good, not to be best, but to be BETTER.

Get2Werk fitness is the BETTER!! Good implies status quo,and Best is past tense, Better is present. At Get2Werk fitness you will always get BETTER! Better instructors, better information, better motivation, better energy. You will always get BETTER!!!!

Debi “Miss Debi Fit” White

Debi “Miss Debi Fit” White

Fitness Instructor

I met Mychele during a fitness event. We were both leading different segments and, along with other instructors, gathered prior to the event in order to rehearse. As I observed the groups dynamic, there was no denying the light and energy that shone from the place she stood. I, and everyone else, gravitated toward her instantly. During the event, her genuine passion for fitness and conviction to help others was evident. From that day forward, even though we were both “newer” instructors in the industry, she became my mentor.

Over the years, I have watched Mychele grow an army of followers. There was never an event or class that she would not fill to capacity. Watching her lead and interact with her students, it was very clear why her classes were literally standing room only. Mychele has a way of making EVERY SINGLE person feel important and completely able of accomplishing their fitness goal. Her energy and positivity would make everyone forget any negativity that was transpiring in their day or life during that hour of class.

If I wasn’t teaching on a particular day, I was definitely looking for a class of hers to take. Once I stopped teaching all together, I became her full time student. There is no other way to describe her aura other than magical. She is truly a blessing to everyone who has been fortunate enough to cross paths with her.

Patricia Caffery

Patricia Caffery

TRUECar - Accountant