This journey continues to be a blessing! Today I’m on stage with Benjamin Allen and the GROOV3ers at Club Nokia at LA Live!!!

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Dance for Cause! #GROOV3

Dance for a Cause
This Saturday, Make a Difference!


She-Is inspires young girls between the ages of 11-18 to re-take control of their body, to overcome feelings of shame, anger, mistrust and betrayal, while reinforcing a new sense of pride in themselves. She-Is does all this via the healing power of dance. Join GROOV3 Instructors Faith Idemundia and Mychele Sims this Saturday to support She-Is at our last event for ‪#NationalDanceWeek‬. ‪#DanceSweatGIVE‬ #GROOV3

Raffle prizes include: athletic gear from Viebrant Athletics, Arbonne nutrition gift set from Dustin Ripkens, 2 one-hour massages from DUARTE FAMILY CHIROPRACTIC and more! Gifts valued at $30-$80. Everyone will get a raffle ticket at the door
— at Beat Box LA 11828 Teale St, Culver City, CA

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Get your GROOV3 on with the FRO!!


In support of National Dance Week (April 24th-May 3rd) you can get an early start with me Thursday at 8:30pm at Crenshaw Yoga 5426 Crenshaw Blvd Los Angeles. Drop in is $15.

Then join the GROOV3 family on Friday, April 24th for our Friday Disco Dance Party at 9pm. $15 pre-sale/$20 door.

FREE sessions on Sunday, April 26th from 2-5pm. 30 minutes of dancing, sweating and living each session with some of your favorite GROOV3 instructors (including the FRO).

Lastly (phew) Dance Sweat and GIVE for the fundraising event May 2nd 12-1:00pm to benefit the She-Is organization. Suggested donation is $15.

Got all that? No? Then visit for more details!

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To your health!


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Dance Like No One is Watching


It’s never a shock to me when I’m teaching a dance fitness class that many students have approached me after class to tell me how wonderful they felt dancing AGAIN! A vast majority of us (myself included) let life get in the way of the music in our soul. We temporarily forgot the steps.

Dance has always been my happy place. I put my kids in dance and performing arts because I wanted them to love it like me. I didn’t have a lot of opportunities because of finances as a child. What I did have was a grandmother who taught me the shuffle step for tap dance in the kitchen. What I did have was a mom who was an African and modern dancer who was well versed in the arts. My family danced at gatherings. My mother took her babies to any and all things free to give us exposure to the arts.

Whenever I got the chance, I danced for my life to earn scholarships or go on trips to dance camps. We didn’t have reliable transportation so some opportunities slipped through my fingers. Some of my dance and acting teachers would pick me up and take me to special events. I got to participate in dance competitions that blew my mind.
It kinda bites me now that I don’t have pictures of many of the awesome things I got to do as a child because I went by myself. When my family could come and cheer me on they did but I got used to soaking up the moment in solitude.

Dance has saved my life. It always comes back to dance. That’s how my spirit relates to this physical life: It’s a dance. I am thankful that as an instructor I get to see YOUR LIGHT come back on and shine brightly! I’m a mere vessel.

I shine. You shine. We shine together!

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