ROLL OUT! Myofascial Release

You have heard your favorite fitness professional tell you to “roll out” but you may not understand what that means or how to do it. The proper term is “Myofascial release.” Myofascial release means to use the technique of applying pressure to the tight and/or restricted area of the fascia and the underlying muscle to relieve tension and improve flexibility.

A huge part of fitness is meeting our bodies where they are when we start our lifestyle journey. Old injuries, surgeries, poor posture over time can change the way our body moves as it relates to our muscles and the connective tissue that surrounds them called “fascia.” Fascia can become tight. Fascia can restrict our movement and range of motion. Fascia can be a source of pain based on being tight or restricted.

Commonly you can use a foam roller to perform these techniques. There are several different styles, textures, sizes and levels of firmness (soft, medium, hard, etc.). YOU control your own intensity and time that you apply the pressure to each area. You can find the area where you feel tight or restricted and roll back and forth in small movements to focus the RELEASE. It is recommended to perform the rolling/gliding motion and HOLD that applied pressure for 30-60 seconds depending on your level of pressure and pain tolerance. Continue to breathe during your focused rolling.

Rolling out is a great warm up technique to help you get the most out of your workout. Rolling out is equally as important to do AFTER your workout to help with muscle fatigue, recovery and a post workout stretch.  I consider rolling out just as important as my workout. It helps me think about what I am about to do and motivate me for my workout and on the back end it helps me meditate and re-center after a great workout.